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Virtual Training - All Training Programs will be handled via the trainer portal. Weekly check-ins, progress updates, even macro numbers to help your nutritional needs during training. (3 Month Commitment)

Hybrid Training - Virtual and On-site (3 Month Commitment)

I can do any of our training programs using a hybrid training format.

The Hybrid format is a 12 Week Cycle. During this 3 month Cycle I will schedule one, on-site visit per week at either LVAC or EOS in the Las Vegas or Henderson area!

Plus you will still be coached each week via the training portal that we will share.

During this time, we will ensure you are using proper form. Take time to discuss muscle mechanics, goals, training cycles, sport specific types of training or anything in-between.

Program offerings currently being offered:

  • Male Muscle Gain - This program has been designed to fast track muscle growth for males. The workouts have been custom built in a Push/Pull/Lower Body/Push/Pull format. This is an amazing program that will require some hard work but at the end of it, this hard work will be heavily rewarded!
  • Female Muscle Gain - This program has been specifically designed to stimulate muscle growth whilst purposefully giving some downtime to allow for recovery. When in partnership with a sensible diet, this is an unstoppable program!
  • Male Fat loss (workout designed to increase your metabolism) - Specifically designed for males, this combination of Circuit/HIIT based sessions with Upper/Lower splits gives this program a serious edge when it comes to fat loss!
  • Female Booty Builder - This program is designed to not only grow but shape the glutes. This has been designed to allow for recovery before hitting the next session, so there's no room for excuses with this epic program!
  • 1 Up - A 4 day workout split incorporating a mixture of HIIT, circuits and bodybuilding. Perfect if you're looking to lose fat, add lean muscle tissue and kickstart your fitness!

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