Coach Kris

8 Reasons to work with Coach Kris!

  1. Results - I will give you 100%, in return I expect 100%. I want everyone to enjoy a healthy, fitness lifestyle.
  2. Assurance - I will always be sincere with you. I live by a high set of personal values for my family!
  3. Pride - nothing better than a random compliment from a stranger. Pride is a powerful motivator, I am going to parade your success.
  4. Education - Degrees in Business Management, MBA in Human Resources, Certifications in the Fitness World, and I'm always working on more. I will share all of it with you!
  5. Experience - this is my second time earning my Training Certification. I've been helping people for over 15 years in Health and Fitness (when I wasn't in the office)
  6. Commitment - 100% for 100% your urgency is my urgency. If we are doing something that isn't providing results, we will get to work immediately on getting you to your goal.
  7. Success - One of my biggest wins was getting a personal friend with Type II Diabetes off his blood pressure meds. We did this through a systemized exercise approach that relieved the pressure on his body. 
  8. Fun - although my wife calls it "annoying" I can usually find fun in any environment, yeah I'm that guy. I'm going to be sincere, push you, but not like a drill sargent. Exercise needs to be fun and enjoyable or no one would do it!